​​​​Welcome to the Osirec website! Our passion started over 25 years ago when our father shared his love of Ancient Egypt with us. It was only a matter of time before we would create Osirec, designer of beautiful and distinctive timepieces and jewelry showcasing the heritage of the most fascinating ancient civilization. 

Our family is proud to offer unique collections of watches that blend quality and technology with the elegance and prestige of the Pharaohs. All our products are designed in France. 

  • Horus:  Swiss-made mechanical timepieces that use a Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement

  • Ramses:  Distinctive, high-quality stainless-steel watches with Swiss quartz movements that offer exciting technical functions such as day-by-hand, date-by-hand and dual time

  • Cheops:  Distinctive, bold high-quality stainless-steel watches with Swiss quartz movements (available in 2016)

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Thierry and Pascal Savineau

Cheops/Coming Soon



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Timepieces with a History

French Designs,  Swiss Movements,  High-Quality Stainless-Steel

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