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​Osirec’s story started over 25 years ago when Thierry and Pascal’s father shared his love of Ancient Egypt with them. 

Their father, Raymond, first went to Egypt in the 1950s. He immediately fell in love with the pyramids, the Sphinx and the temples. What made him so passionate was not only the architecture, the awesome buildings and artifacts, the symbols, the stunning murals but also something even bigger:  how amazingly advanced the ancient Egyptian civilization was when it came to mathematics, alphabet, construction designs, social life, irrigation, medicine and art. The culture and monuments of Ancient Egypt have certainly left a lasting legacy on the world. 

For decades their father collected books, videos, toys, papyrus, art and various items all related to Ancient Egypt and the times of the Pharaohs. As children, the two brothers played with toys such as Egyptian figurines and dressed up as Egyptians warriors and Pharaohs.  

In their teenage years, both Thierry and Pascal showed a strong interest in the history, architecture and lives of the Ancient Egyptians, with a preference for the First Kingdom (Khufu, Khafre) and the New Kingdom (Ramses, Thutmosis, Hatshepsut, Akhenaten, Tutankhamun). 

Thierry discovered the world of Swiss watches in his younger adult years and he quickly became passionate about them. Swiss watches are a mix of art and technology. Their dials and shapes can be so elegant, intricate, bold and beautiful that they can be compared to masterful paintings. Their automatic mechanical movements are assembled from a large number of tiny parts by skilled workers and the complications are a true prowess. 

The two brothers created Osirec with the idea to introduce beautiful watches and jewelry showcasing the heritage of the most fascinating ancient civilization. They are now delighted to offer unique and distinctive collections that blend quality and technology with the elegance and prestige of the Pharaohs.

Raymond passed away in 2004 and therefore could not see the result of their work and passion. Edith and Nathaly, their mother and sister are of course very proud of them.

The Osirec Story